The mini microphones is specially designed for low noise level instrument application. It has PMM46 & 47 a clean, transparent and well balanced sound. It’s ideal for general recordings of soloists and ensembles. It’s a prepolarized ½” diameter condenser microphone which is power from standard 48VDC phantom power. It is made of Ni-Cu alloy to ensure excellent sensitivity and frequency response stability and very wide operating temperature range, low ambient-temperature coefficient. The frequency response is very smooth from 20Hz to 20KHz (only 2dB tolerance). The microphones has a very low equivalent noise 17dB(A), a very high sound pressure level 146dB(peak), that means very high dynamic range 129dB, and a high sensitivity 100mV/pa(-20dB re 1V/pa), balanced output. It is an obvious choice for low noise recordings. The PMM46 & 47 is complied with the specification of IEC651 type1.


  • Wide frequency response 20Hz~ 20kHz.
  • with small tolerance 2dB.
  • Very low equivalent noise level (17dB( A) ) .
  • Mini size 13.2 x 24mm
  • A balanced, transformerless output.
  • Clean, transparent and well
  • balanced sound.
  • For high fidelity, professional use.
  • Fine grained nickel foil Cu alloy.
  • Meet the spec. IEC651 Type 1.
  • Compare with B&K 4006.
  • Specifications

  • Frequency:
  • 20~ 20,000Hz
  • Sensitivity:
  • 50mV/ Pa(-26dB 2dB 1V/ pa= 0dB),unbalanced output Balanced
  • output:
  • 100mV/ Pa(-20dB)
  • Equivalent Noise Level:
  • 17dB( A)
  • Max Sound Pressure Level:
  • 146dB ( PEAK)
  • Polar Pattern:
  • Omnidirectional
  • Output Voltage:
  • 3Vrms(open circuit)
  • balanced:
  • 6Vrms
  • Output impedance:
  • 50(unbalanced)
  • Balanced:
  • 100
  • Dimension:
  • 13.2x24mm (mic only)
  • Output connector:
  • 3- pin XLR(male) *Meet the requirement of IEC651 Type 1


    Frequency Response
    Polar Pattern