AV-LEADER provides a variety of recording microphones designed to deliver unmatched clarity and maximum performance in reporting, documenting, broadcasting, interviews and virtually any recording application or environment. Each mic is engineered without compromise; crafted in rugged housings, with high quality connectors and capsules that are ready to perform whether used in the field or indoors.

Featured Products


AVL45 dynamic microphone is designed with an extended handle that easily accommodates microphone flags making it ideal for on-location interviews, broadcast and remote news gathering. The omnidirectional mic delivers exceptionally clear and natural reproduction of spoken words and surrounding ambience.


A condenser microphone with built-in swivel stand that specially designed for video recording and camcorders. It has a narrower pick-up angle for even better off-axis rejection that results excellent sound isolation. An added base features that highly useful in surface mounted applications involving professional recording, and high quality sound reinforcement for conferences, television, and other demanding sound pick up situations.


AVL800 condenser microphone with high-quality stereo pickup is ideal for use with video cameras and portable audio recorders whether in confined or open environments. It operates with a 1.5 VDC AA battery and features a sliding type ON/OFF switch.