AV-LEADER’s extensive range of headphones and earphones are designed to deliver high quality, most accurate and precise sound for everyday listening pleasure to even the most critical listening applications. With sound quality, performance, comfort and durability in mind, we came up with a wide selection of stylish in-ear headphones, over-ear headphones, headsets and earbuds that are guaranteed to meet the demand and satisfaction of professional studio engineers, DJ’s, gamers, telecom operators and music enthusiasts.

Featured Products


AH50 Professional Field and Studio Monitor Headphones features a closed-back, over-ear (circumaural) dynamic design that provides maximum isolation, making it ideal for use in professional applications such as studio or field recording, live sound & broadcast applications. Its rugged construction, compact folding design and twist-lock detachable cabling provide convenience and practicality. Padded headband and soft replaceable ear cushions ensure comfort over prolonged periods.


AH53 Professional Stereo Music Headphones with high performance 53mm Neodymium magnet diaphragm is designed to deliver unmatched clarity and natural sound reproduction ideal for monitoring applications. Its adjustable padded headband, compact folding design and 180 degree swivel ear cups provide maximum comfort and long-term wearability.


AH44 is a dual-sided communication headset ideal for broadcasting and telecommunication applications. The cardioid dynamic mic is built on a durable gooseneck that can be rotated 180 degree and can be configured on either the left or right side of the headset. It features a built-in switch on the gooseneck that automatically mutes the mic when it is swiveled into upright position.


AH25 Stereo Semi-Open Headphones delivers natural, clear and transparent sound without complete isolation from the environment making it ideal for studio monitoring. Its lightweight, soft vinyl ear pads and padded headband allows comfortable listening even for long hours of use.


E24C Earphones delivers a balanced, precise tone and powerful sound optimized for professional monitoring & in-ear monitor systems. The sleek, ergonomic high-mass copper casing comes in a small package with replaceable soft gel ear inserts in three sizes (S, M, L) to match any user’s comfort and secure fit.


TE16 In-Ear Monitoring Earphones is perfect for in-ear monitoring applications with its high-definition neodymium drivers that provide excellent full frequency response with improved ambient noise reduction. Its sleek, ergonomic design provides maximum comfort and snug fit and it comes with detachable MMCX connectors with 360 degree swivel joint design.