AV-LEADER’s conference microphones, ranging from gooseneck microphones to boundary microphones are built to provide high quality audio capture and reliability for meetings, conferences, presentations, general public address and a broad variety of communication use requiring maximum speech clarity. The series includes high-quality dynamic and condenser microphones designed to incorporate seamlessly in various settings and versatile applications.

Featured Products


The PHM956 comes in a space age inspired heavy-duty case. It consists of two assemblies: the 1. Zinc die-cast base,which contains the mic element and the XLR (male) input jack at its rear and the 2. three-layer mesh grill for added protection against careless handling. The mesh grill is screwed onto the base to allow easy detachment for repair. The PHM956 has a soft touch sensitive switch and LED blue light power on indicator. The microphone also have three additional multi funtion switches: (1) Three operating mode switch (Talk/Lock/Mute), (2) Filter switch ( 0dB /-10dB), (3)Polar Patterns switch (Cardioid/Figure 8/Omni) that was installed under the microphone.


The PHM935 boundary microphone offers enhanced speech intelligibility with low noise for conferences, meetings, training sessions and more. It comes in a sturdy low-profile metal housing, ideal for discreet desktop installation applications and other situations where minimum visibility is required.


PA524 is a high-performing gooseneck microphone designed for high-quality sound reinforcement, professional recording and broadcasting. The condenser capsule features a cardioid pattern, maximizing speaker pick-up while minimizing the risk of acoustic feedback. It is also designed with exceptionally low susceptibility to RF interference caused by GSM devices, ensuring dependable and reliable performance regardless of venue.


The PL27 heavy-duty gooseneck microphone with base is designed to provide intelligible speech reproduction for a broad variety of applications such as lecture halls, houses of worship, courtrooms, board rooms and conference centers. The microphone features a red LED status ring and the base is equipped with a push to lock switch for ease of mic control.