AV-LEADER offers a large selection of dynamic and condenser instrument microphones in omnidirectional, cardioid or hypercardioid patterns that capture every detail of instrument sound. Whether on live stage, studio recording, or other sound applications where durability and high SPL capability are critical, AVL mics are widely used by sound engineers and musicians throughout the world.

Featured Products


The PMM10 Dynamic Cardioid Microphone is ideal for live and studio close miking of drums and percussion instruments. It comes in robust all-metal construction with integral stand mount for maximum reliability and ease of set-up.


PMM15 Condenser Microphone provides uncompromising sound quality for overheads, percussions, acoustic guitar and other string/acoustic instruments. Its low noise, smooth response makes it also ideal for studio recording.


PMM20 is specially engineered for capturing the deep, bold sound of kick drums, bass guitars and other bass instruments. Its tight hypercardioid pattern provides better off-axis rejection that results to excellent sound isolation, reducing input from other instruments. It comes in rugged Zinc die-cast housing with a built-in pivoting stand adapter adjustable to 180 degrees and a standard 5/8 inch, 27 thread that allows fast, easy set up.


PMM22 is a mini condenser clip-on microphone with uniformly controlled cardioid polar pattern and high SPL ideal for close miking wind instruments such as horns, trumpets, clarinets, and saxophones. Its unobtrusive, compact design comes complete with shock mount assembly and gooseneck clamp for easy mounting and accurate positioning.


A condenser microphones for Studio and Instruments offer high sensitivity and smooth frequency response. Compact and lightweight, Capable of meeting or in a broad range of miking situations. Cardioid pickup pattern in reducing unwanted background noise and controlling feedback. Reliable, high- quality pickup for professional recording, live performance, and critical sound reinforcement applications. Capable of handling very high sound pressure levels and reducing feedback to absolute minimum. Durable shockmount system minimizes mechanical and stand noise. A certain type of condenser microphone are with low impedance balanced output and added filter switch to minimized the low frequency noise and undesirable proximity effect due to close miking. Perfect for close miking of strings, cymbals, woodwinds, acoustic pianos and brass.