AV-LEADER offers a wide range of high-quality handheld microphones for various vocal applications. The series includes dynamic and condenser microphones built for rugged reliability and optimized in the voice frequency range to guarantee maximum speech clarity and vocal presence. The sturdy, robust construction and high-performance mics are perfect for public address, karaoke, stage and musical performances, studio recordings and other rigorous sound applications.

Featured Products


PHM850 Professional Condenser Microphone comes in an all-metal case with a unique shock mounted mic capsule that provides unparalleled rejection of handling noise. Its cardioid polar pattern and high-fidelity vocal reproduction is perfect for live performances and studio applications.


AVL2700 Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone provides excellent reproduction of speech and vocals with less feedback problems and optimum ambient noise suppression. The microphone comes with a sturdy metal enclosure for exceptional ruggedness. It features a built-in multi-layer pop filter for reduced wind noise and popping sounds and a built-in ON/OFF reed type switch for noiseless muting.


This Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone for vocals and speech is ideal for live performances on stage and events. Designed for both hand-held and stand mounting usages, the microphone is ruggedly constructed to withstand the demands of a variety of sound installations and provides clear, natural sound reproduction and dependable performance.