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At AVL, we are committed to provide high-end, exceptional and reliable audio products. From product development (R&D) to production line testing, we guarantee the best quality and higher yields using a combined sophisticated and powerful software and reliable hardware. last.


Our skilled, driven and energetic R&D team works together in developing and updating our product line. With combined experience, diverse knowledge and an appetite to learn, the team aids the company in staying competitive with others through constant improvement and innovation.


Our ISO certified factory boasts of well-equipped, clean and organized production lines. The integrated sub-assemblies and in-house painting and printing facilities make us a “one dragon” manufacturing. We invest not only in high quality tools and equipment but also in our workforce. Our well-trained and skilled operators work hand in hand with a highly experienced management team. Almost every aspect of the factory operation is covered under the ISO quality system and strict implementation of 5S management ensuring product quality and reliability, high output and huge annual production capacities.


Being in the business of producing high-quality microphones, headphones and matching accessories for over 30 years, AV-Leader provides a wide range of products that deliver amazing performance for various sound application.  We are dedicated to create a variety of audio products with high quality and high performance that comes from marvelous design. Quality Assurance goes far beyond the products we build and design.  At AVL, we ensure that our products are built to last.

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