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At AVL, we are committed to provide high-end, exceptional and reliable audio products. From product development (R&D) to production line testing, we guarantee the best quality and higher yields using a combined sophisticated and powerful software and reliable hardware. last.


我們技術精湛、積極進取且充滿活力的研發團隊共同開發和更新我們的產品線。 憑藉著綜合經驗、多元化知識和學習熱情,團隊透過不斷改進和創新幫助公司保持與他人的競爭力。


我們經過 ISO 認證的工廠擁有設備齊全、乾淨、有序的生產線。 整合的分組件以及內部噴漆和印刷設施使我們成為“一條龍”製造。 我們不僅投資於高品質的工具和設備,還投資於我們的員工隊伍。 我們訓練有素、技術精湛的操作員與經驗豐富的管理團隊攜手合作。 工廠運作的幾乎每一個環節都涵蓋在ISO品質體系下,嚴格執行5S管理,確保產品品質可靠、產量高、年生產能力大。


Being in the business of producing high-quality microphones, headphones and matching accessories for over 30 years, AV-Leader provides a wide range of products that deliver amazing performance for various sound application.  We are dedicated to create a variety of audio products with high quality and high performance that comes from marvelous design. Quality Assurance goes far beyond the products we build and design.  At AVL, we ensure that our products are built to last.

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