AV-LEADER Measurement Microphones are designed to be simple but robust and stable, especially over time, temperature, humidity, and ambient pressure. Exceptionally uniform omnidirectional polar pattern and extremely flat frequency response make them perfect for use with room acoustic analyzers and audio measurement systems. While they are generally intended for acoustical measurements and room acoustics, AVL measurement mics can also be used for recordings or sound reinforcement applications. Consistent, reliable and high quality AVL measurement mics are the best choice of live sound professionals, acoustic engineers and performers. The microphone comes with optional microphone holder and carry case for ease of handling and setup.

Featured Products


AFM1 is an extremely precise and accurate calibration microphone specially designed for use with any Speaker Calibration software. With high sensitivity, extremely wide flat curves(3dB) and excellent dynamic sound range, it is also ideal for vocal and instrument recordings.


AFM3 is a Real Professional HALF INCH Measurement Microphone which meets IEC651 Type 1 standards. With its preamp and capsule combination, its high speed and high precision performance are very suitable for transducer measurements in research, development and manufacturing.


PHM918 is a Professional HALF INCH Measurement Microphone with a wide dynamic range and linear frequency response making it ideal for sound level meter, transport-noise measurement, architectural acoustics, electro-acoustics, etc. It is phantom-powered and features a slim, compact heavy-duty design.