The PHM956 comes in a space age inspired heavy-duty case. It consists of two assemblies: the 1. Zinc die-cast base,which contains the mic element and the XLR (male) input jack at its rear and the 2. three-layer mesh grill for added protection against careless handling. The mesh grill is screwed onto the base to allow easy detachment for repair. The PHM956 has a soft touch sensitive switch and LED blue light power on indicator. The microphone also have three additional multi funtion switches: (1) Three operating mode switch (Talk/Lock/Mute), (2) Filter switch ( 0dB /-10dB), (3)Polar Patterns switch (Cardioid/Figure 8/Omni) that was installed under the microphone.


  • Touch sensitive ON/OFF switch with blue LED to indicate when mic is on
  • Three operating mode switch (talk/ lock/mute):
  • Talk : Mic is on only while the switch is being touched
  • Lock: Touch the on/off switch to turn mic on, touch again to turn off.
  • Mute: Steadily touch the on/off switch to activate the mute, keeping off from touching will turn off.
  • Built-in power module with filter switch (flat/low-cut) to adjust the microphone’s output to a particular application of surrounding.
  • Polar patterns switch: Cardioid/Figure 8/Omni
  • Unobtrusive high performing microphone
  • Sleek design & rugged construction
  • High quality sound reinforcement for conferences, stage productions, choral ensembles
  • Rubber non-slip bottom pad to minimizes irritating vibration and background noise from desk or table top
  • Specifications

  • Elements:
  • Back Electret-Condenser
  • Polar Pattern:
  • Cardioid/Figure8/Omni
  • Frequency:
  • 50Hz~15,000Hz
  • Sensitivity:
  • -55dB±3dB(0dB=1V/microbar)
  • Impedance:
  • 200Ω±30%(at1000Hz)
  • Dimension:
  • 100(L)x92.5(W)x26(H)mm
  • Connector:
  • 3Pin mini-XLR(male)
  • Switch:
  • Touch On/Off
  • Filter Switch:
  • Flat/Low Cut (bottom)
  • Switch Mode:
  • Lock/Talk/Mute(bottom)
  • Polar Patterns Switch:
  • Cardioid/Figure 8/Omni
  • Operating Voltage:
  • Phantom Power,48V~52V D.C.


    Frequency Response
    Polar Pattern